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Creating Ebooks from Public Domain Resources

When you first think about writing an ebook it may be a struggle to find quality content. Research can take a lot of time and often it's hard to know where to begin. If there is a subject you are passionate about or have hobbies you can write about this may not be such a problem. However, for most of us one of the best ways to create an ebook is to look at public domain information and content.


The wealth of material available in the public domain is incredible and with a little creativity it can be adapted into ebook content which can sell for high prices. Works in the public domain basically mean that their intellectual property rights have expired. It's important to check the legality of what you use and to be clear it is public domain content before you publish it. Many of top sites which list public domain information will confirm this for you. The quality and range of work material where the copyright no longer exists will amaze you - for example, it includes the works of Shakespeare!


If you modify public domain content to create an ebook you will own the copyright to the modified work. With a little thought the possibilities are endless. Public domain information can be broken into smaller articles, used in blogs, released as part-works and combined with other material to create unique content for eBooks.  Some of the most popular subjects for this are:


Recipes and Cookery - There are literally millions of free recipes you can combine to create public domain ebooks for sale.


Magic tricks - Everything from card and coin magic to classic illusions such as sawing a woman in half can all be found in the public domain. Ebooks created from these can be sold for good profits and demand is always high.


Gardening - Over the decades, hundreds of articles, books and journals have been written on gardening and these are just as relevant today as always.


Martial arts - Some of the greatest martial artists of all time have their own notes and manuals in the public domain and are an excellent source for writing ebooks.


Always check the legality of what you want to use first but public domain is an incredible resource for writing ebooks. It is free to use and is generally of excellent quality. It will save you hours of research and is obviously a far quicker way to publish an ebook than writing one from scratch.


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